Oh man there is going to be some serious action going down in Albany next week! Thankfully this time around it is going to be pretend.

Disney's ABC Studios will be in the Capital Region next week filming a new TV show called 'Crime' that is going to cause some major traffic rerouting in downtown Albany.

Filming for the show is scheduled to take place at various sites around the city starting Monday, July 16, and lasting through Saturday, July 21. The filming process will mean that some major rod closures and detours will be happening around the city so you may want to plan your routes in and out of the city ahead of time. You can get a full listing of closures and detours here.

Also, you should be aware that they will be filming some pretty intense scenes around the area including a gunfight action sequence with stunts, a car chase and simulated gunfire. According to the Times Union officials stress that

This is NOT a real fight — it is a scene for a TV show. Albany Police Officers will be supervising and assisting us with our work to ensure everyone's' safety

I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of bummed I'll be on vacation and missing this it sounds like this would be a really cool thing to watch go down!