New York State has been invaded! We have seen the Spotted Lanternfly. the land walking 'Frankenfish' and the Asian Longhaired Beetle invade our territory and they aren't the only ones. Today we have learned of the latest unwanted invasive species to enter the Empire State.

According to the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), this is a new exotic pest that is affecting our Elm trees.

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Have you ever heard of the elm zigzag sawfly? Most of us haven't because, until now, this pest hasn't been in New York. The DEC have announced that this invasive insect was spotted in St. Lawrence County confirming it's presence in our state for the very first time.

Forest Research indicates that the elm zigzag sawfly is named after the pattern the larvae create while eating their way through the leaves on elm trees.

How destructive could this bugger be? This DEC reports that the elm zigzag sawfly feeds exclusively on elm trees with the potential to cause severe defoliation, branch dieback, and crown thinning.

Assessing threats to the health of our forests and street trees is essential for maintaining the immeasurable benefits they provide, DEC will continue to investigate the potential threat of elm zigzag sawfly to determine if management actions are needed to protect New York's elms and the variety of wildlife that depend on these trees. - DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos Sanford Sanford

Should you see the elm zigzag sawfly, it's larvae or trees with the zigzag pattern on it's leaves, you are strongly encouraged to report the location and findings to the DEC. You can do that HERE.

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