It looks like if you eat too many doughnuts you might find yourself infertile. Also in related news, if you eat too many doughnuts you never have to worry about being infertile because you will be a super fat sloppy mess who won’t be getting laid anyways.

 “A study published last year in the journal Human Reproduction showed that when male mice were fed a high-fat diet, their babies suffered fertility problems - their sperm had more DNA damage and they fathered fewer babies. (Female offspring's fertility was also affected.)

The pattern continued in the next generation of mice.

In other words, if you eat too many fatty foods, your children - and even your grandchildren - may be more likely to be infertile.” – dailymail

I always thought it was going to be killer tomatoes that would bring an end to all humanity. Little did I know it was actually the fluffy delicious fried doughnuts that were out to get us all along!


Happy National Doughnut Day !!!

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