Popular may just be a touch of an understatement. I would say more of a staple of Schenectady.

If you have drank in Schenectady a little over a decade ago before the original establishment closed, it may just have been City Squire. City Squire is a bar that was a staple of not just the neighborhood it is in just off of Union, but the city as a whole. Sadly seeing as I hit the legal drinking age after the original closed, I have never been. But man, I have I heard stories!! I used to work with a guy that lived within walking distance of the drinking hole.

"We're excited to bring the neighborhood pub back to the neighborhood,"

"It was a landmark on the Upper Union Street corridor for decades, and we're happy to bring it back." - Shane Mahar, COO of The Lecce Group courtesy of The Daily Gazette

I would say St. Patricks day is an amazing time to debut the New City Squire!

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