No, these kinds of scams aren't new.  But, there is a new type of phone scam going around Saratoga that can be pretty convincing.

Especially when you think it's from a figure of authority.  News Channel 13 wrote about a new warning issued about a phone scam happening in Saratoga.  People have been receiving phone calls from a 'Saratoga Police Officer', except it's not actually an officer.  It's reported that the Saratoga Springs Police Department even showed up on the caller ID.  While police do contact people via the telephone, their office is issuing a warning about this scam.  Apparently common things with these kind of phone scams include threats to suspend social security numbers, threatening an outstanding warrant, and even somehow bargaining with gift cards for legal matters.

According to News Channel 13, what they suggest to do if you have any concerns about a phone call is to ask to call the officer back at the station instead of continuing the phone call.  If you receive a voicemail, they say to make sure the call back number left is in fact the main number for the Saratoga Springs Police Department.  You can read more here.

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