Why has New York State paid it's residents $26 million dollars this year? That's more than $13 million a month going to your friends, neighbors and relatives. Why is this happening and what about you? It sounds like a scam but it is not. This is actually YOUR money and it's time you get it back.

In 2022 approximately $400 million was returned to New Yorkers. This is money that you might have forgotten about or never even knew about. The State of New York has more than $17 Billion dollars worth of unclaimed funds and, in 2022, they paid $1.5 million every day. Here's how to get your money.

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$17 billion dollars? Billion? Yes, according to the New York State Comptrollers Office, this is considered "lost money" from insurance settlements, unclosed bank accounts, court funds, estate proceeds, telephone and utility security deposits, abandoned property settlements and money for Holocaust survivors and their families, to name just a few.

In a way it's like finding money in a coat pocket or a pair of pants. You put it there, it's your money but you forgot all about it. What a nice surprise! Not everyone will have lost money waiting for them but there's only one way to find out.

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There's well over $100 million In the Capital Region alone that is still unclaimed and waiting for you. In order to search for your lost money you will be asked for your first and last name or an organization's name. Begin your search HERE.

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