The Albany Pine Bush, at 195 New Karner Road in Albany, New York, just got bigger. You might ask how a wildlife preserve, established in 1988, has grown in 2024. The reason is because of a donation of land by Crossgates Mall in Albany.

According to a June 3rd press release Crossgates Mall will donate a nearly 7 acre section of land known as Area 62 to the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission. Area 62 is a parcel of land adjacent to the shopping center.

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A 2010 Albany Pine Bush Management Plan identified Area 62 as a future addition to the preserve and was documented as supporting highly restorable pitch pine-scrub oak barrens and several rare wildlife species including the endangered Karner Blue Butterfly, Frosted Elfin Butterfly, Eastern Hognose Snake and several rare birds.

We recognize the importance of preserving our community’s history and habitat like the Pine Bush. We are proud to donate this land to the Pine Bush Preserve Commission and support their efforts to protect these communities for the long-term survival of pine barrens species. - Stephen J. Congel, Chief Executive Officer, Pyramid Management Group

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This partnership between Crossgates Mall and the Albany Pine Bush does not end with this land donation. Look for an indoor display space for Albany Pine Bush related exhibits and an updated wall mural located on the lower level of Crossgates Mall near Macy’s.

An outdoor sign recognizing the Albany Pine Bush and endangered Karner Blue Butterfly will also be installed in the northwest corner of Crossgates adjacent to the soon to be completed pedestrian walkway from Rapp Road.

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