Nothing is more funnier then when you see a live News Anchor make a mistake on TV. It might be mispronouncing a name, jumbling their words, swearing on-air, etc - but this one takes the cake when a news team in Chicago mistakes a movie set for a real news story about a plane crash.

Larry Potash and Robin Baugmarten were in the middle of their regular news broadcast when "breaking news" was happening. Landing on their desk was the story of a small aircraft crashing onto MLK Drive.

They had the news helicopter and all to cover this "event." For 3 solid minutes Robin tried to paint the picture of the shock the drivers "must have felt" during the incident.

A few minutes after this, the anchors' jaws literally hit the ground as their producer would chime in their ear that the "crash" was in fact a TV show set. As in the show Chicago Fire.

Icing on the cake here, the other news agencies in the city checked the emergency blotter, realized it was a TV show set, and did not report on it. Kudos to WGN 9 News for giving us a great News Fail.

(Metro UK)