Some pretty big games this week in the NFL. I am of course all fired up for the meeting between my Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants.


What will week 15 in the NFL hold?  Some spoilers, perhaps a team in the NFC west will go above 500?  It will be good none the less.

The Eagles are headed to the Meadowlands to take on the NY Giants who are currently tied with Philly for first place in the NFC East.  This is going to be physical too.  Both of these teams have huge playoff potential.  Vick has weapons in his receivers and backs not to mention himself.  I hope my Eagles can pull out a win. The Rams are currently in first place in the NFC west and they face the Chiefs who are fighting to hold onto first in the AFC west against the surging Chargers.  Baltimore is right behind Pittsburgh in the AFC north.  The Ravens have the Saints at home and hopefully Baltimore practiced how to not blow a lead like they have been.  Brees is to dangerous when it comes to fourth quarter come backs.  The Steelers face the Jets who seem to be imploding before our eyes.  Pittsburgh needs to get things going on offense though and could be without Troy Polamalu.  The Bears are trying to bounce back after a big loss to the Patriots last week against a very banged up Minnesota team.  But don't count out the Vikings.  It's a division match up and a chance for them to spoil Chicago's hopes and dreams.  The Bills are on the road in Miami today which is always a good match up.  The fin's and Bills are always dramatic.  Buffalo is without Lee Evan's and Steve Johnson seems to have forgotten how to make a big play.  Bills just need to give the ball to Fred Jackson and let him run and they should have a good shot at a 4th win this season.  Catch the Bills and Dolphins at 1pm today right here on Q103!