Seriously? I just don't understand senseless acts like this. What do these people get out of injuring young children?

A Facebook post from a Niskayuna mother has been quickly making its rounds on social media accounts throughout the Capital Region for the last couple of days and rightfully so.

A local father took his children out to play at Avon Crest Park in Niskayuna this weekend and as his children began to climb and play on the playground equipment his children called out to him that they couldn't play there. When the father came over to investigate he found dozens of thumbtacks scatter all over the playground toys strategically placed tack up as if they were placed there intending to hurt the young children that climbed up on them.

The father snapped a picture of the situation cleaned up all the tacks he could see and took his children home. His wife then sent out a warning on Facebook to other local parents about the situation where she stressed the importance of checking your surroundings before allowing your children to play.

Which to me is so sad that it has to come to this. Although I would like to think that a situation like this wasn't intentional it is highly improbable. Like the mother said you see it all the time on social media but you never really think it can happen to you or your kids until it does and this one hits a little too close to home. I really don't get the reasoning behind intentional acts like this.

Apparently, the playground wasn't the only place that tacks were found according to News10 a town employee said he found tacks scattered around the picnic tables as well.

Authorities are cautioning parents to be vigilant about checking their surroundings and if the come across anything out of the ordinary to call the police and do not touch anything until they arrive.

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