Ok I must admit, the first thought that went through my head was "Is there really such thing?". Apparently, yes and Niskayuna will get the areas first.

If you have been to Boston maybe you have seen one of these stores. B. Good is the chain. They seem to be highly successful according to the Times Union. They have 75 locations already scattered across a dozen-plus states and even some in other countries.

They are what is described as a farm to table chain.

Now Niskayuna will be the first Capital Region location for the chain. The exact location you ask? Mohawk Commons. The retail location that used to home Eastern Mountain Sports.

I know I am always trying to be very health conscious about what I eat. I feel you almost have to be these days. Hopefully, many others have that mindset and B. Good explodes here in the area. I would love to see more than one location.