Apparently a study was done of Exit 11 and 12 that shows adding another exit would solve alot of problems. The problem is cost. Here is how they will get around it.The Times Union recently discussed this topic and I wanted to put my take on it. For one main reason. So here is the thing, I used to get off either 11 or 12 on the Northway everyday for work. Both ways were about the same time. Off exit 11 its maybe 1/2 a mile to both Eastline Road and Route 9.

So the congestion is caused by there being such a big distance and everyone going in the same direction. A new exit in my opinion wont fix this. The main reason for the congestion would be the construction of Global Foundries in Malta.

A new exit according to the Capital District Transportation Committee Executive Director Michael Franchini is just too expensive..

"We get the same impact on traffic for $20 million that we would for $70 million," he said. "It doesn't make sense to do it because it's so expensive."

I would agree, Malta also has an outrageous number of traffic circles. Do you know what one thing you dont need to deal with often in Malta and Round Lake is, waiting forever at a traffic light. This makes your commute much easier. This seems to be Franchini's thought for a course of action.

Ultimately it looks as if Round Lake and Malta will indeed possibly be getting more roundabouts and several more traffic lights. I can attest to needing one at Brookline and Route 67 like they are saying. Many close calls at that intersection.

Read more about the entire proposition at the link below. Wheres Exit 3???