Growing a mustache for Movember is what dudes do to support the fight against prostate cancer. This video leaves me worried and scared that women might be doing their own thing.

Since the invention of the razor my life has been a happier hairless place. Therese not a dude on the planet that doesn’t enjoy a clean plate to eat off. If a guy says he prefers a fuzzy jungle in the south then he’s a weirdo and is stuck somewhere between the year 4,000 BC and the year “19 – I’m a liar”. And don’t give me that “eww who wants a hairless sausage wallet, it looks like a little girl”. Shut up you’re a liar. No it doesn’t look like a little girl, it looks like a women who cares about her feminine hygiene let alone your satisfaction. This video is funny but I fear the worse. I fear this might actually catch on!

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