A Syracuse, NY nurse accused of photographing a unconscious patient's penis has surrendered her license after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge of sharing unlawful surveillance photos.

It does not help that her last name is Johnson.

Kristen Johnson has lost her nursing license and will spend three years on probation as part of a plea deal on felony charges for taking pictures of an unconscious patient's penis and sending them to her colleagues.

I don't understand why no one told her that she could receive pictures of men's penises on the internet and all she would need is a Facebook account and a selfie of herself in a swimsuit. It's probable that she would of received pictures from the unconscious patient's that she took pictures of.

Kristen Johnson may have to settle for getting pictures of men's penises off the internet now, because she is no longer a nurse who can take advantage of an unconscious man.

If you are a man interested in sending Kristen Johnson a picture of you're penis, you have to pretend that you're asleep.