Let me just preface this by saying that I am beyond excited and supportive of the new license plate design announced for New York.  The design is a choice, you don’t have to get it.  The golden and navy plate isn’t going anywhere.

However, now when you head to the DMV to register your car, you can now choose a plate design to help fight the stigma against mental health.  New York officially announced the release of the new license plate design in the state’s campaign to help fight the stigma against mental health, and support those who are getting, attempting to, or are in need of help. News 10 abc reported on this, and they’ve got a great photo of the new license plate design posted.  It features the green ribbon of mental health, with the slogan “Support Mental Health Awareness.”

With the past year that Rock and Roll has had, from the losses of Chris Cornell to Chester Bennington to suicide, I don’t think any rock fan can argue that we can always do more to help support those in need.

So many people with mental health struggles suffer in silence- from our war vets to our first responders themselves to sometimes our very own family and friends.  I will be the first to say what a great cause for NY to highlight and support.  It doesn’t always take a huge heroic act to help someone in need, sometimes it’s just making them feel comfortable enough to reach out for help.  That’s what breaking the stigma is all about.

Kudos to New York on this one!

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