How awesome would it be if New York State could offer your kids a higher education at no cost to you and without starting them off in life in a world of debt?!?!

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Yesterday New York state Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed a new program where students in New York that come from families with "low or moderate income" could attend a state college tuition FREE!

They're calling it the Excelsior Scholarship and according to the Times Union:

Students accepted to SUNY or CUNY schools would be eligible if they or their family earns $125,000 or less per year.

Now, the Governor has hopes of having it fully implemented by 2019 but that won't come without it's challenges. Like fitting the cost (roughly $163 million) into an already pretty tight budget. Plus attempting to get the rest of the state lawmakers on board.

Still, if he could get the proposal to pass this could open up a whole new world of opportunities to the students of New York. Not to mention take a little off of their parents plates. I wonder if this "Scholarship" would be made available for adult students in the state? I could totally be down with taking a few classes to brush up!

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