What is with all these phone scams going around lately?


The last time the New York State Police warned us about a phone scam the person on the other line claimed to be the actual police and the call even came across your caller I.D. with the actual police number.

Well, this time around WNYT is reporting that the person on the the other line is calling claiming that a loved one has been involved in a car accident of some sort. Then they proceed to tell you that your loved one will be arrested unless money is sent to a location outside of the United States.

I actually have had something of this sort happen to one of my elderly relatives where they called and said that their son or daughter was being arrested and needed bail money and unfortunately they actually fell victim to the scam.

So if you or anyone you know gets a call like this police say you should ask the scammer a question they wouldn't be able to answer such as personal information only you and your family member would know like a birthday or anniversary or anything like that.