If you are not waiting patiently for children to get on and off the bus already (shame on you) you may want to start before the state begins sending you fines.

I mean it should be a no brainer that when the school bus is stopped in front of you and letting kids off the bus that you sit and wait until the kids are safely inside or under the supervision of a teacher or parent right?

Well, apparently there are a lot of impatient people who are in so much of a hurry that they would rather run the risk of hitting a child then sit for a couple of minutes while the kids get off the bus. So much so that the New York State Senate just passed a bill to allow cameras to be put on the school bus stop arms.

According to WHEC lawmakers say that 50,000 drivers illegally pass stopped school buses everyday and with the implement of cameras on the bus arms authorities can ticket and fine violators caught on camera up to $250.

No one wants to have to pay a hefty fine but honestly could you live with yourself in the event you were running late, passed a bus, and hit a child. I know I couldn't. Moral of the story stop for the buses. Safe a life. Avoid a fine.

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