Every town has one: a weird street name that we all giggled at when we were kids. Albany has a pretty good "funniest one" though.

Now in the picture above is, in my opinion, the hands down winner for funniest street name in the Capital Region. I was only hoping that it had a street sign so I could show you the pure hilarity of "Clit Court." Now what makes this even better is the location of the street.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Now as you see here, to get to Clit Court, you must drive up Carol Ann Drive and Turn where both that and Susan Lane intersect. If you don't see where you're going. You then turn down Van Dyke Road. So two streets with female names that intersect then a term that also describes lesbians. Too perfect. There are though a few other laugh worthy streets in Albany.

  • Bacon Lane (YES!)
  • Bittersweet Lane (depressed people live there)
  • Bryn Mwar Court (because what the hell kind of spelling is that)
  • De Street (I will assume that is said Da Street)
  • Dix Court (are the balls in their court?)
  • Elmo Street (tickle fight there?)
  • Gay Lyn Drive
  • Home Avenue (awfully ironic)
  • Longwood Drive (I will move there to boost confidence)
  • Pansy Street (Isn't that a flower?)
  • Pig Farm Road (I hope it's close to Bacon Lane)
  • Traffic Road (Avoid that during rush hour, it's always blocked)

Any weird and silly street names in your town?Can they defeat the ever so fierce Clit Court?

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