When you get famous sometimes money talks pretty loudly.  There have definitely been some really strange endorsements from celebrities over the years, but which one is the weirdest? 


So if someone came to you and offered you a bunch of money to promote their product, would you pass it up?  I don't think I could.  In radio sometimes we have to push products that maybe we aren't 100% behind, but it's liek they say, money talks.  It's not odd to see someone like Jessica Simpson or Katy Perry plugging a product like ProActiv because they can relate to the young girls who listen to them.  Also not odd is any athlete promoting something that has to do with sports.  Whether it's a sport drink, equipment or something that will help you with a work out, I don't mid seeing one of the top people in a sport telling me this what they drink or do.

However, along with these endorsements that make perfect sense, sometimes there are those ones that totally throw us for a loop.  I'll start with I Can't Belive It's Not Butter.  For the longest time it seemed like Fabio was the guy for them, making women weak in the knees for their product.  Did you know that Ozzy Osbourne has also jumped on board with this before?  That's right, the Prince of Darkness did a commercial for fake butter.  I don't know about you, but seeing Ozzy baking with this stuff doesn't make me want to run out and buy it, and the people who are buying it probably don't even know who Ozzy is.

Other celebrities have done some pretty odd commercials too. Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter does stuff for Ford all the time but I think one of the weirdest ones I saw him do was a combo between him driving a Ford through a fire promoting that Denis Leary show Rescue Me.  Talk about some ridiculous product placement.  Promo for a show, a baseball team and a car, all in one.  Genius.

It is just funny what people jump on board with.  So here is run down of some really odd celebrity commercials.

Jamie Lee Curtis-Activia Yogurt:  Nothing like an aging Jamie Lee Curtis telling me to eat yogurt that will help me poop.

OJ Simpson-Hertz Rent-a-car:  I guess in hind site it wasn't such a good idea to get OJ a car that quickly.  It would of been even better if he jumped into a White Ford Bronco.

Arnold Schwarzenegger-Some sort of Japanese Beer:  Just proving how crazy Japanese people are once again, check out  this gem of an ad.

Broadway Joe: Pantyhose:  I know Joe Namath may be a little bit of a drunk now, but what was he thinking?  Not only did he promote these, he is wearing them!  Hands down the oddest celebrity endorsement in my book.

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