The drama of the U.S. Government's take down of file sharing website Megaupload continues. A small start up in Ohio is filing a motion against the Government to get it's files back, of local sports videos and an unfinished documentary it was producing of a local girls soccer team's season.

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Sports reporter Kyle Goodwin filed the motion in court through his lawyer last week, saying that the Megaupload shutdown resulted in direct losses for his company and claims the Government has violated his constitutional rights. Goodwin's files were seized in the all encompassing lock down of Megupload.

Now to add even more drama to this whole story, the U.S. Government is now saying there is child porn on the servers. They say this makes them contraband a would limit Megaupload's hosting service, Carpathia, in what it could do with the servers in regards to letting people get their files back. All the while, Goodwin is loosing business. And to top it all off, Carpathia is losing money because it can't use the servers to host anything else, so now they are starting to feel the pinch too.

As for the out come, no one knows. But it's going to take a day in court for Goodwin and other innocent third parties to be heard and hopefully get files back that they legitimately own and have rights too. So now everyone involved gets to play that ever popular game of "Hurry up and wait".