Normally I would not stand up for a dude with not one but two tear drop tattoos but this rule against his makeup seems like a double standard.

Thomas Franqueira a 31 year old Vermont dude who is being on trial charges of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon and menacing had the right idea walking into court the other day. Upon his arrival to the court house Franqueira used some cover-up to hide the two totally sweet teardrop tattoos on his left check. After the first witness in the trial was asked to identify the witness the jury was excused from the court room. The judge was not happy with Franqueira’s pretty new look which did not involve those bad ass teardrops. The judge told Franqueira to remove the makeup because he felt he was trying to conceal his identity.

This sounds like a total double standard. Listen I know I shouldn't stand up for a guy who has not one, but two freaking awesome face tats but I can’t let this be. Ugly chicks can get all dolled up and pretty for the court room so why can’t guys? If this Thomas Franqueira wants to try and appear as the type of person who may not murder your entire family, then why can’t he?