After nearly a week of Charlie Sheen going crazy news, even more is coming out still.  Brace yourself because he isn't nearly finished being a jackass.


This whole thing with Charlie Sheen is seriously becoming my new favorite Soap Opera.  It's so ridiculous that it doesn't seem real.  I think things have escalated beyond repair between him and everyone involved with Two And A Half Men and in his latest crazy episode he has decided that canceling the series for the rest of the season is in direct violation of his contract and needs to be paid.  I mean a contract is a contract so if CBS and Warner Bros. need to pay him, they need to pay him.  His team of lawyers sent a letter over to CBS earlier today demanding he be paid for the remaining 8 episodes.  They also included in the letter that he was not the cause for the cancellation, but the fact that the shows creator (Chuck Lorre) was publicly criticized.  According to RadarOnline, this is the beginnings of a pretty tough legal battle.

To make matters worse, in his latest media stop he decided to take to the TMZ airwaves for a 42 minute interview which was pretty much just rambling on about how he is sober and he is the real victim.  Please Charlie, your just starting to sound pathetic.  If you want to watch the complete interview, click here.  After the interview hit the internet Sheen's publicist quit on him saying that he could no longer effectively represent the actor.  Also one of his porn star girl friends Kacey Jordan told GQ Magazine that Sheen is the most self destructive human beings that she has ever been around.  Jordan was promised $5,000 to make an appearance at Sheen's now famous 36 hour coke binge. He told her of his plans to create a "porn family".  Here is an excerpt from her GQ interview:

He said that he was going to take care of us. It was just going to be a big party house. He was all about partying, partying, partying, partying. Never a rest.

At least there is a little positive coming out of the Sheen drama.  CBS released a statement earlier that they will be paying the rest of the cast and crew of Two and a Half Men through the rest of the season.  They are even entertaining the idea of a replacement for Charlie Sheen.  John Stamos is a front runner right now and Sheen is reportedly offended and called it laughable that Stamos could replace him.  Jeez Charlie, take a breather.