Oh no! I hope this one isn't your go to grocery stop.

Price Chopper

I hate to see business close their doors. Even if they are big chains like Price Choppers. Which are seemingly everywhere in the Capital Region. I kind of feel like that is half of their appeal they are conveniently everywhere! However the closing of this one seems to make some sense.

According to the TU the Menands Price Chopper at 444 Broadway is set to close it's doors permanently on Saturday January 28th. Apparently it is one of the oldest and smallest Price Choppers in the Capital Region and since some of it's sister stores near by have upgraded to Market Bistros many of their customers have started shopping there instead.

On the up side none of the Price Chopper Employees will be losing their jobs as a result. Instead they will be transferred to the other near by sister stores. You just might have to dive a little further to get grocery shopping done.

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