A fair amount of jobs, not saved, but never lost. Beyond that, the Capital Region will hold on to one of its Toys R Us locations.

As you may remember if you checked out my original post last week, three Toys R Us stores were set to be closed by April. Now it is two. Still sucks to lose some stores. The reported stores last week were the Babies R Us in Latham, and the two Toys R Us locations in Queensbury and Kingston respectively. According to the Queensbury stores Instagram page, their doors will remain open.

This, of course, is while 182 stores in total across the United States are closing up shop. I was shocked that a Toys R Us actually had an Instagram.

Now, this actually doesn't mean they are staying open for good but according to Daily Gazette and Bloomberg, it may simply mean the landlord of the building was paid to extend a 7-month deadline to remain open in order to renegotiate lease terms.

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