There are a lot of things being done around Albany, but are they focused on the real problems?

I want to firstly say that I love living in the City of Albany. I've made it no secret that it is my home and I'm never going to leave it. It has so many things to offer, but lately it feels like the bad is out shining the good.

I personally feel like it is because our officials are focusing in on the wrong issues instead of trying to fix what really needs to be fixed.

Last week they announced the groundbreaking new speed limit, taking it from 30 MPH down to 25 for the City. I still think it is absolutely ridiculous and won't help solve any of the current issues with motorists. We have all these issues with illegal dirt bikes and ATVs in the city, and thank god the Sheriff stepped in the help take care of that.

Now the Albany Mayor has signed the new good cause eviction law. That's great because it will protect both tenants and landlords, but how does it really help some of the bigger situations? Take a walk down near the Empire State Plaza to see some of the homeless people set up there. Too little too late. What are we doing to 1) help them find a home and 2) get them off the streets?

We just had another serious incident in the City on Delaware ave on Tuesday where someone was killed in an altercation. The police did a great job of locking down the area and keeping everyone safe - but how can our officials make it so that these types of issues don't keep coming up? That's hard to do when the Mayor is heading off to places like Ukraine for a photo op after helping to deliver ambulances. I don't think it was necessary for Mayor Sheehan to go over there. The donation was great, but let's focus on our city.

Again, Albany has so much good to offer. Let's not let the bad outshine the good. We have so much potential. Let's just make sure we're all focused on what matters.

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