Things just slowed down a bit more in the City of Albany, but will it even make a difference?

On Tuesday July 2, 2024 it was officially announced that the speed limit on some city of Albany roads would decrease from 30 MPH to 25. The reason? They say that lower speeds will lead to less injuries in the case of an accident happening.

While I am all about safety and making Albany better for all this is an absolutely ridiculous thing to do as a mask for some of the other issues going on around the city.

Albany has a habit of fixing what doesn't need to be fixed. Dropping the speed limit by 5 MPH isn't going to make a difference if you are accidentally clipped by a car while walking down the streets. We have photos at many intersections to attempt to catch folks who are not obeying the traffic lights. Will we add cameras to the streets to catch people speeding as well?

I live in the City of Albany. I drive down Western Avenue and Madison Avenue everyday. Most people are obeying the speed limit. The ones who are not are flying by me at 40 MPH or more. They are still going to go 40 MPH or more in a 25. We don't have the resources to have more police out to nab people riding illegal dirt bikes down the road well above the speed limit - but let's make things a bit harder and stressful on those of us already obeying the laws.

25 MPH is too slow. Getting stuck at the traffic lights in Albany is already a nightmare for many of us who commute every day. Now we have to crawl even slower to try and get from point A to point B. I also feel like this is a waste of city resources and money when they can't even be bothered to pick up the branches I trimmed a month ago and left out bundled by the curb.

I love my home. I will forever defend the great things we have to offer here in Capital Region - however stupid things like this just make us look as dumb as people make us out to be.

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