Don't run from police. It never works. Especially if you're drunk. Anyone who's ever watched Cops knows this. Apparently this guy thought he could pull it off. Predictably, he failed. Badly.

New York State Police say they tried to stop a speeding car on Route 9 in Malta at around 12:50 Wednesday morning. As they attempted to pull over the 2018 Subaru WRX, the driver hit the gas and took off.

Cops chased him, but some nasty weather was moving through the area, so that complicated things. They were also getting closer to the city of Saratoga, so they didn't want to barreling down Broadway at high speeds. Police decided to call the chase off.

Not long after that through, the driver crashed his car in the area of 125 South Broadway, which is right in the area of the Hilton Garden Inn - after Saratoga State Park, but before Downtown.

State Police got to the scene and had to 'extricate' 31 year old Luke Benoit from Portsmouth, Rhode Island out of the car. He was taken to Albany Med and is said to be in stable condition. Nobody else was reported hurt.

Police don't know specifically how the crash happened, as the chase was called off prior, but again - speed, alcohol, and weather were all factors in the chase.

At the moment, Benoit will be facing charges of Driving While Intoxicated - police haven't said if he'll be facing any additional charges, but they did say they are continuing to investigate.

Bottom line, if the lights are flashing in your rearview mirror, do everyone a favor and pull over.

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