Without a doubt this a very tragic story, however can we focus on the brilliant Michal Jackson like actions by this parent?

timesunion.com reported a 2 year old was tragically attacked by 11 wild dogs at the Pittsburgh zoo. According to the story the mother lifted the child onto the railing to get a better look and the child lost their balance and fell into the cage and was instantly attacked by the wild African dogs.

As sad as this story is I can’t help but to chalk it up to another countless stupid zoo action that undoubtedly will ruin the zoo experience for the rest of us. It’s still shocking to me the amount of zoo attack stories I read about every year because someone wanted to get a better look. The fences are not just slightly inconvenient obstacles for you to try and over come. The fences are there to keep the animals from eating our faces!

If stupid people keep jumping fences and leaning over railings then eventually the zoos are going to add more fences and high walls. Soon the zoo will be a solid concrete wall where you will just have to trust that on the other side is a panda. Instead of saying to your child do “do you see him” you will have to say “can you smell that? That’s panda poo in the air.” Sound enjoyable? We’ll it’s our future if brilliant people keep getting eaten at zoos!