Tebow-mania is over, at least for this season.  Tom Brady showed the young player what being an elite quarterback was all about in the Patriots 45-10 thrashing of the Broncos.

Tom Brady is amazing.  Can we just say it?  All you Brady haters out there need to stop, because the dude was amazing last night.  Not only was he amazing, but the Broncos have a pretty good defense, they just decided not to show up.  So Tim Tebow's incredible playoff run is cut short.  The Patriots beat them down 45-10.

Looking at the stats from the game, it was a total domination.  Watching it, you kind of got that, but going back and looking at the numbers really hits it home. New England had 31 first downs to Denver's 15.  19 passing first downs for Brady, while Tebow only managed seven, and the Broncos also only rushed for seven first downs too.  Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski had 145 yards and three TD's on his own, and Denver only had a total of  252 and one TD.  Basically Gronk and Brady beat the Broncos on their own.

As far as the other game of the day, Saints you let me down.  14 seconds left and Alex Smith tosses one right to Vernon Davis to put the 49ers up and give them the 36-32 win.  Heart breaking for Saints fans and very exciting for San Fran fans.

I thought for sure that the Saints would be able to do it with that offense, which was great yesterday.  Unfortunately, the 9ers was just a little bit better.  Maybe San Francisco is going to do it?  Who knows at this rate, the NFL is so unpredictable week to week these days.

So that brings us to today where we have the Giants taking on the Packers at Lambeau and the Texans against the Ravens.  I honestly don't give Houston much of a chance against the Ravens, but I have been wrong before obviously.  The Giants are going to give the Packers a run for their money, but The Packers will come out winners of this one.  Green Bay is just too good (again) this year.