After the news of that long time Penn State head coach Joe Paterno was fired late last night many Penn State Students were outraged.  So they did the logical thing, destroy things that weren't theirs.

Joe Paterno is the winningest coach in division 1college football history.  After being at Penn State for 61 years, he was retired.  It's a shame that a career as storied as his will now go down like this.  He did a lot for that school, but he will be remembered as the guy who didn't do enough morally or ethically regarding his knowledge of child sexual abuse.

The Penn State students are totally and completely out of line with their outrage of the Paterno firing, and are proving that they have no idea what is going on with this whole situation.  The fact of the matter is Paterno should have gone to authorities wen he knew about what Jerry Sandusky was doing, and he's not the only one.  The Penn State board of trustees are cleaning house right now, as they should be.

As far as these riots go.  Just stop.  How have riots ever solved anything?