Many are not happy about the new laws in New York regarding window tint on automobiles and change could be coming.

We reported back in November that cars in New York with tinted windows must now pass a tint test when getting inspected. I for one was not happy about the new law as I drive a car with tinted windows myself, and I like my car with tint. Well a new petition entitled Repeal the new window tint law may help "change" things if you will. The petition reads, "The new state legislation for regulating window tinting as a factor in NY STATE VEHICLE INSPECTION is a very ridiculous and misguided attempt for Albany politicians to further interfere with and punish small business in our state. New York already has enough regulations regarding and enforcing window tinting and currently collects millions in fines from given traffic tickets." You can read more here and sign the petition if you'd like. The petition created about a month ago has already received over 6,000 of the 7,500 required signatures to move forward. If and when the petition reaches the 7,500 signatures, it will be delivered to Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Did I sign the petition? You bet your ass I did!