In a now resolved solution, the Daily Gazette has reported that a three-foot long PVC pipe bomb was found nearby railroad tracks in Ballston Spa.  As reported by the Daily Gazette, authorities were tipped off by the Canadian Pacific Railway Police, and the bomb was deemed safe and removed to FBI headquarters in Virginia this afternoon for further investigation.  The bomb was found about 20 feet from railroad tracks and near the Zim Smith Trail, and both Amtrak train service was suspended and the Zim Smith Trail closed.  Anyone with information about this is asked to call the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Department at (518) 885-6761. For more information and details, you can go to the Daily Gazette.

I have to say this is a scary situation.  I for one am someone who takes Amtrak trains all of the time.  I used to live outside of New York City and rely on public transportation daily to go in and out of the city for school, and continue to use Amtrak and the Adirondack Line which was effected with suspension by this pipe bomb.  I'm glad this was found and reported before anyone was hurt, and hopefully the perpetrator is caught.