I don’t know entirely what this big fancy pirate like boat is all about but I like it. When the movie the Goonies comes to life in downtown Albany I know it’s a good day for everyone. Today the replica Half Moon (the ship Henry Hudson sailed) arrived back in Albany for the 14th time today near the corning preserve. Mayor Jennings was among the people excited for the ships arrival and to hear more about its history. However I fear none of them understand how important it is for me to climb aboard this boat.

I’m more pirate then most people will ever be in their entire life. This boat is not only exciting but it’s the perfect vessel for me to set sail on my voyage. There is plenty of booty out there for the taking and I plan to take all the booty GARRRrRr! I just wish I wasn't locked up in this crummy old radio studio all day so I could swing unsuspecting port side of the beauty they call Half Moon and set sail.