After word of the cancellation of this years annual Log Bay Day I guess it was really only a matter of time until boaters started planning a new get together...

Photo Rob Dawes
Photo Rob Dawes

Last week we told you how authorities had plans to close off Log Bay on Lake George on the final Monday in July, a day that traditionally boaters gathered there for what was known as Log Bay Day. The cancellation of the event was as a result of a boating accident that happened at last years event that took the life of a young child and put a young man behind bars for 5-15 years. Actually for authorities the accident was the last straw and they say that Log Bat Day had been growing increasingly more dangerous and rowdy over the years.

Well, after we posted that article last week we saw a lot of comments saying that boaters had plans to move the festivities to a different location or perhaps a different day. The last Monday in July has come and gone and while there was no Log Bay Day I did see some reports of a couple arrests made on the lake that day.

Now News10 is reporting that Upstate NY boaters on social media are trying to come up with a way to keep the Log Bay Day tradition alive. While I have not personally been able to find any posts on the matter from before the News10 report, they are stating that according to social media the new Log Bay Day is being planned for sometime this weekend.

Do you think you will be attending the NEW Log Bay Day?

Either way, make sure you stay safe and don't drink and boat. Authorities are aware of the new game plan and will be on the look out for unsafe boaters.


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