Ex- New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress was released from prison this morning.  He served two years on a gun charge and says "Today is a beautiful day".  With the NFL in a lockdown, what's next for Plax? Plaxico Burress left the Oneida Correctional Facility in central New York Monday morning, he hugged agent Drew Rosenhaus and shook hands. He was wearing a black sweatshirt, black shorts, black sneakers and a Philadelphia Phillies hat.

Burress told reporters upon leaving:

I just want to thank God for bringing me through one of the most trying times in my life, It's a beautiful day. It's a beautiful day to be reunited with my family. I want to go home and spend some quality time with them.

Now what happens to Plaxico?  His agent says his services are open to all 32 teams and wont rule out a return to the New York Giants although that situation seems unlikely.

His agent also states he is a changed man and done everything possible to stay in shape to plan in the NFL.