Superbowl XLII hero, Plaxico Burress, is back in the big apple.  However, he won't be playing for the team he won a ring with.  Burress inked a one year, three million seventeen thousand dollar contract with the New York Jets.

In 2008, Burress stunned the world and broke countless hearts around New England as a member of the New York Giants.  In Superbowl XLII, Burress caught the game winning touchdown with 35 seconds left, capping an 83 yard, 12 play drive to beat the then undefeated Patriots, 17-14.  Sadly, Burress made just as many headlines off the field.  He has recently been released from prison after serving 20 months for a gun charge.  Roughly nine months after winning the Superbowl, Burress accidently shot himself in the thigh at a NYC nightclub.  The grand jury indicted Burress and he was off to Onneida Correctional Facility in Rome, NY. 

Burress seems have a checkered legal past.  A Civil Suit in 08 in claims Burress collided with the back of a women's car but Burress' insurance policy had been cancelled three days prior for non payment.  A Civil Suit in 09 states Burress was leased a vehicle and in return, he was to make appearances for the dealership.  The dealer claimed Burress never made an appearance nor did he ever return the car which ended up being impounded.

Despite the legal troubles, the talent is there for Burress and the Jets stand to benefit. A one year deal for three million won't hurt them.  Low risk and high reward.  The Jets have made back to back AFC title game appearances and have also re-signed their top WR, Superbowl XLIII MVP, Santonio Holmes.  Could we be seeing another New York team raise the Lombardi Trophy this season?

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