Even rock-stars get lost sometimes.  But image walking down the street, playing Pokemon Go, and one just rolls up next to you, asks you for directions, and then takes you for a ride? Oh, and THEN drops tour hints?

Yeah, that happened to Tim Lord of Western New York on Sunday.  I read about this story on newyorkupstate.com though it's all over the news.  Immediately, my brain went to the movie "Detroit Rock City" and all of the random rock shenanigans.  So here's how apparently the story went.

According to newyorkupstate.com, Ace Frehley was running about an hour-and-a-half late for his show at the Center of the Arts in Homer. Lord was on the street corner, when a black cadillac rolled up next to him to ask for directions.  Turns out, it was the driver for Ace Frehley.  Who then rolls down the window?  Ace Frehley himself.  And who then tells this guy on the street corner to get in the car to show them how to get there?  Ace Frehley.

Yup!  A KISS fan, and random guy playing Pokemon Go, got the chance to do a ride along with a rock-star all as a result of being lost.  The story gets even cooler.  Lord did post a picture of Frehley to his Facebook page, which was posted at newyorkupstate.com and apparently they talked about all kinds of things, from Pokemon Go to a possible NEXT KISS TOUR.  Right!  According to Lord, comments were made about the possibility of another tour, but there are some hang-ups right now including money.

Even crazier?  This random guy Lord who had the ride-along of a lifetime turned down backstage passes and a chance to get up on stage so that he could get home to his family.  His wife's response to him turning it all down?  According to newyorkupstate.com she called him an 'idiot'.  This is one of the craziest stories and I love it!  Have you had any random rock-star encounters? Let us know.


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