Okay, I liked the snow when it fell on a Saturday and I didn't have to go anywhere. Looks like it's time to brace for the cold and some serious snow.

I was beginning to think that the snow might evade us for the season. Ha! Okay maybe not for the season but it wasn't really feeling like the holiday's without having any snow fall yet. Honestly I rather enjoyed our first snow fall of the year. Mostly because it fell on a Saturday and I could watch it fall out my window from the comfort of my couch while I watched movies in my pj's all day.

Well, it looks like the winter weather is just starting and we're going to have to get used to getting up early to warm up our cars, bush the snow off, and quite possibly dig them out in order to get to work. According to the Times Union a polar vortex is heading to the Capital Region this week and should be hitting us Tuesday,

The National Weather Service said late Sunday that Albany can expect four inches of snow Tuesday, with areas north into Saratoga County getting 10 inches of snow.

After the snow hits the cold sets in and Wednesday temperatures are supposed to dip 10 degrees below normal.

Temperatures in the Capital Region Wednesday through Friday will not reach past 25 degrees, with lows overnight just cracking double digits at 10 degrees. Saturday will see a return to more seasonable temperatures in the 30s.

At this point I just need Old Man Winter to get this storm out of his system before the weekend mostly because I have to move next weekend and as if moving didn't already suck enough it will doubly suck trying to do that in the snow.

Are you excited now that winter (ya know, the snow) has finally made it's arrival in the Capital Region?