Live police chases. Here in Albany we really don't have to worry about them in person or on TV, not like those in L.A. I can't imagine almost every day seeing on TV another chase, let alone seeing it pass by my house.

YouTube user Jason Lee was watching the mayhem of a chase recently on TV as it when through Inglewood, CA and realized it was coming for his house. So he did what anyone would do in the modern world, grab a camera and begin to film it.

Jason films the coverage on TV then pans out to see what looks to the exact same chase passing his house. The chase in all latest close to two hours.

Of course with any YouTube video, questions of the legitimacy are being raised. Watching the video you see the "sudden change" of scenery from open highway to rural area.

One user commented that there might have been delay in what was seen on TV.

Watch the video below and be the judge for yourself.