Skipping out on a tab is a horrible idea and considered theft. Skipping out on a $16 is just moronic.

Detroit's Marlon Cortez Stanfield thought he could just walk away on his tab at a Buffalo Wild Wings and the cops wouldn't do anything about it.

He was wrong.

Police were called to the restaurant due to the skipped check. They caught up with Marlon a short time later and gave him a chance to pay up with no consequences.

Marlon's response? Throw his car in to gear, speed off, and yell obscenities at the cops. Dumbass.

The cops gave high speed chase but back off since they knew who their criminal was, which meant they knew where he lived as well.

Marlon probably felt pretty good about himself at this point and he decided to return home. Well, little did Marlon know the cops had be waiting for roughly 20 minutes for him and staking out his house.

Police arrested Marlon and now, not only does he have to face down his measly $16 skipped check - he is now charged with fleeing and eluding. As of yesterday he was still in jail on $15,000 bond.

All this over a $16 check? Yikes!

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