In just 4 minutes their new machine can test you for 7 different substances while you're pulled over on the side of the road.

pills & drugs (closeup)
Adam Smigielski/ThinkStock

The Glens Falls police department is now the only force in the state of New York besides New York City to to have the capability to test drivers driving under the influence for more than just alcohol.

It's all thanks to a machine called the Drager Drug Test 5000. The machine looks as though it is a fairly large toaster oven but instead of toasting bread it is capable of informing police officers just how toasted you are and what from. Using just your saliva the machine can tell the officers in just 4 minutes if there is cocaine, opioids, benzos, marijuana, amphetamine, methamphetamine, or methadone currently in your system.

Now I'm not exactly sure weather or not the results of this machine are admissible in court or not but it seems that a safe bet would be to a.) not do drugs b.) don't drive a car if you are going to do drugs and c.) be aware of the medications you are taking while driving. According to News10 the Police Chief pointed out that people

Assume that because a doctor prescribed that to them that they’re not at risk or that they’re not placing anybody else at risk when actually they are.

What do you think about the use of the new machine? Making Capital Region roads safer or a bit too intrusive?

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