I'm noticing many people on the web are actually a little mad about this. Is that the way you feel?

Now listen, let me start by saying I am myself all for the legalization of Marijuana if for nothing more than the benefits it has for people with disabilities or diseases. That said, Thursday night Troy Police raided numerous locations throughout the Collar City and took nine people into custody who were later arraigned.

What was uncovered was 6 1/2 pounds of marijuana. The nine were most certainly dealing the drug. That much was evident by the $9,000 also taken as evidence. Beyond that, they also had felony weights of cocaine too.

I saw one person, and here is what I mean by people getting mad, one person said: "Spend our tax dollars on something other than getting marijuana off the streets". Is that also how you think? I will say, I bet that person didn't see the cocaine part.

My thought, like I said above. These nine people are obviously dealing drugs. Regardless of opinions. That level of possession is still illegal in New York.

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