Queensbury and Greenwich now are the home to the only two remaining KMart stores in the Capital Region, what does this say about Queensbury's future?

So before the Queensbury KMart has even closed it is being said that U-Haul will be purchasing it.

This is something happening all across the country. Queensbury is not the only KMart location to have its building sold. 13 other locations will be purchased too. The total price of all of these locations is $62 million dollars.

Times Union wrote up an article about this but didn't address the big elephant in the room. They didn't address the apparent doom that is impending on this KMart location. No closing has been announced. But this certainly means it has got to happen eventually, I mean.. The location is being sold.

There are now zero Sears store left in the Capital Region, it looks like the thread KMart has been hanging by in the area will break soon too with at the moment only two locations left.

Read more about the purchase at the link here from Times Union.

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