This is a bit bizarre but could totally be therapeutic.

When I think of yoga I usually picture a room full of soccer moms decked out in a months salaries worth of lululemon spandex laying on mats doing something called 'Bound Half Lord of the Fishes' (what does that even mean) not drinking, swearing, and rocking out to metal.

There is a new kind of yoga out there called 'Rage Yoga' that encourages you to become


while enjoying a cold adult beverage, dropping an f bomb or two, and meditating to some Metallica.

So far 'Rage Yoga' is only available in Canada but the creator just finished a very successful kickstarter campaign to raise funds to make her classes available on-line.  Which is great if you can motivate yourself to work out but personally I think it would be beneficial to everyone if the creator could maybe teach a few instructors across the continent so it could be taught in groups. Okay, maybe I just want an excuse for it to be acceptable to act like a drunk head banger with touretts in public. You can find out more about 'Rage Yoga' and it's creator HERE.

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