The man who predicted the end of the world falsely twice now has decided to take another crack at.  I guess he just doesn't know when to quit.

So this past Saturday May 21 came and went and we are all still here, not that I am surprised.  It was after that, that Harold Camping the man who did the predicting was unable to be found for comment.  Yesterday he finally spoke out about yet another false prediction and guess what he had to say: ANOTHER PREDICTION!

Are you kidding me Camping?  The Family Radio host now claims that he was wrong about May, but October 21 will now be the real end of the world.  Look at the balls on this guy.  Making yet another prediction.  When asked why the world didn't end like he said it would on the 21st of May he said that God was showing mankind mercy.  Here is an excerpt from his broadcast yesterday:

The great earthquake didn’t happen on May 21 because no-one will be able to survive it for more than a few days or let alone five months to suffer God’s wrath because everything will be leveled and destroyed after that earthquake and there will be no food or water to keep everyone alive ...

We’re not going to be passing any more tracts or put up any more billboards or advertising in any way about judgment day – that’s all done. The world has been warned – we did our little share and boy, did the media pick it up. Now the world has been told that it’s under judgment.

Seriously man, give it a rest.  And stop taking peoples money.  And people stop being so damn gullible.   I think the world is doing just fine.  People seem to be taking positive steps in conservation and if we could only get all the crazy's in the Middle East under control we would have a very nice place to live.