Photos recently surfaced of the rare Javan Rhino and it's new calves.  This is promising for a species that was thought to be near extinction.

In this day and age we have more endangered species than ever before.  Some light on the horizon as a rare species of Rhino is breeding in Indonesia and that gives hope for their future.  A hidden camera snapped some pictures and video of the rare javan rhino with its calves.  This is some big news because their have only been 12 reported javan rhino births in the past decade.

The images were captured in Indonesia's Ujung Kulon National Park, and scientist say that the parks population of the rhino is really the last real hope for the species.  Their are rumors of some of the rhino roaming in Vietnam, but it isn't enough to sustain the population.  Experts believe that their are only about 40 of these rhinos left in the world.  Poachers are the biggest danger to these animals due to a high demand for rhino horn which is used in a lot of Chinese medicines.  Another thing affecting the population of them is illegal forest clearing.  Also disease that is spread from domestic live stock has hurt the population.  An immediate danger is the fact that the national park that these rhinos are located in sits near active volcano, Anak Krakatau.  Scientists are debating moving the females and males to another national park away from the volcano just in case, but are using extreme caution so not to upset the species.