What is the first town you think of when you hear the term "tiny town"? Time to find out if that town has made the list.

I would love to say it is very possible you live in a tiny town. But the fact of the matter is, I cannot say that. It's because they are so tiny. Some of these towns are so small that they may not even have a grocery store. Some are so little and their population is so minuscule that the odds are you just do not live in them.

Still, when I originally saw this article pop up I thought I would see a lot of town names I didn't know. It turns out, I was wrong. I do know them and you probably do too.

The list NYUP compiled is based on population growth data over the last year and the towns' known populations. They compiled the Top 50 in Upstate New York, but only three towns from our area towns made the list. Here they are.

  • #50 - Esperance - Pop. 371 - 0.87% growth since 2016
  • #32 - Argyle - Pop. 294 - 0.34% growth since 2016
  • #9 - Galway - Pop. 197 - 0% growth since 2016

There are a lot of places I consider to be small towns that aren't anywhere near close enough to make the list when the "biggest" town in the top 50 has just 371 people. So, the list isn't exactly what I expected. These aren't just small towns, they really are tiny towns. You can check out the entire top 50 right here: