Indonesia was rocked by a massive earthquake on Wednesday, and now they are being threatened with a tsunami warning- something that area is all-too-familiar with.

The AP is reporting that sometime on Wednesday in Indonesia, an 8.7 magnitude earthquake hit and was felt in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and India.  Now, a tsunami warning has been issued for all of those areas, but experts are saying that does not guarantee one will happen.

That area of Indonesia was rocked by a tsunami back in 2004, and it had devastating effects, killing over 200,000 people. So far, no details on the damage of the quake, but we will keep you up to date as information comes in.

UPDATE 8:47am

After initial panic wore off, an 8.2 magnitude aftershock hit, and another tsunami warning has been issued. Still no news about the casualties of the quakes, but news is still coming in at this time.  The threat of a tsunami is still very real.

[Via Yahoo]