If you are a fan of cookies ... before they actually hit the oven you may be able to get your cookie dough fix without all the clean up that comes along with baking soon.

You know how when you were a kid and you mom, aunt, grandma, or super cool neighbor was baking cookies and they would let you lick the spoon and get a taste of that delicious cookie dough? Then upon that first taste you were like, forget sticking those in the oven just give me the bowl! Only they wouldn't let you eat it all straight raw because they said the eggs could make you sick.

Well, one Western New York businessman has found a solution to this problem and not only has he figured out how to make edible cookie dough he has just started a chain of businesses that will serve you up that delicious dough in a variety of different flavors!

He just opened up the first Dough Boyz location in Buffalo and the dough has been such a hit that the lines have been stretching out through the mall and people are raving about it. Apparently the staff is pretty efficient at scooping and manage to get you through the line in about 15 minutes and even offer up free samples while you wait!

Since the store opened and business and response from customers has been more than well received the owner plans to open up several other locations throughout Upstate New York including a location in Crossgates Mall!

No opening dates have been set as of yet but we'll be sure to keep you posted! Now, be honest, how many scoops will you be purchasing when opening day comes around?